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Opening Service at Moravian Church
If you are arriving on or prior to the following date (06/25/2017)
When:06/25/2017 9:00 am - 2:00pm
Where:Christiansted, St. Croix, U.S.V.I.
Number of Registrations:
Salt River Kayak Tour$ 37.99
Still accepting participants strictly for the 2:00pm Kayaking. 6:30pm Is now fully booked and reserved at max capacity. PLEASE CALL OR CONTACT KAI PRIOR
When:06/26/2017 2:00pm; 6:30pm (night Kayaking)
Where:Salt River, St. Croix, U.S.V.I.
Number of Tickets:
Family Day at Canegata playing
Softball/ Basketball
When:06/27/2017 10:00AM
Number of Registrations:
Sitnah's Legacy Dinner$ 69.87
Tickets are to be provided on a "rolling" basis. Please use the contact link below with any questions in regards to such.
When:06/29/2017 6:00pm
Where:Carambola, St. Croix, U.S.V.I.
Number of Tickets:
Island Tour
Mid-day lunch may be arranged at LaReine Chicken Shack. TBD

Tentative guideline:
(1) Whims Great House (10-11:30)
(2) Lunch in F'sted (11:30-12:00pm)
(3) Lunch/Family Lineage (11:00-1:00pm)
(4) F'sted Tour (1:00-2:00pm)
(5) Cruzan Rum Factory Tour (2:30-3:30pm)
(6) Parties may depart, but will be event hosted in F'sted for V.I. Emancipation
When:06/30/2017 9:45am
Number of Registrations:
Tour/ Hike to the Tide Pools
Rain Forest Tour followed by a hike to the tide pools for those wanting to participate
When:07/01/2017 9:30AM
Number of Registrations:
Family Beach Party at Cramers Park
Morning hike to Point Udall for those interested
When:07/02/2017 11:00AM
Where:Cramers Park, St. Croix, U.S.V.I
Number of Registrations:
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Lori Yarwood
Elizabeth Tutuien
Jamaar Irish
Jennifer James
Kathleen Knight
Raymond Cornelius
Sylvie Cornelius
Eric Hansen
Janice Navarro
Mike Navarro
Adele Nicholas
Deanna Garcia
Yvonne Fredericksen-Francis
Floyde Henry
Macjkeel Rodgers Jr
Acacia Simmonds
Jahsendi Simmonds
Kai Simmonds
Kayambu Simmonds
Feio Francis
Yvonne Francis
Donna Christensen
Unita Georges
Melba Hansen
Rosanna Hansen
FRALINE Lenhardt
Carmen Mills
Chennell Ramos
Shaeme Ramos
Lisa Venable
Rachel Venable
Reese Venable
Ryan Venable
Misha Williams
Aquita Sarauw
Lawrence Sarauw
Shanika Cornelius
Lori Griffen
Joniece David
Marjorie Fredericksen
Judy Molly
Shamall Ramos
Shaniya Ramos
Shamall Ramos Jr
Kimaya S Schmidt
Daryl David
Jalen David
Juliet David
Linda Yarwood
Lyle Yarwood
Jennifer Greenway
Shawn Greenway
Janet Nelson
Winston Nelson
Sharon Ferrigon
Clarice Fredericksen
Amar Rasberry
Iyanla Rasberry
John Rasberry
Kiassa Rasberry
Salim Rasberry
Rheana Ayala
Sherry Hendricks
Adel Nicholas
Danielle Ramos
Shakeed Ramos
Shaquawn Ramos
Desmond Stedmond
Doris Suttin
Abby Diggs
John Diggs
Stephanie Roberts
Kalima Willaims
Randy Willaims
Kalila Williams
Kalima Williams
Kalina Williams
Kanice Williams
Randy Williams
Cleone Yarwood
Floyde James
O'Keefe James
O'Shea James
Renise James
Mahleek Rodgers
Mackeel Rodgers Jr
Delisha Encarnacion
Laverne Fredericksen
Tyler McGill-Simon
Kimaya Schmidt
Kadeem Simon
Katelyn Simon
Kayden Simon
Jasmine Wiley
Kanisha Woodrup
Warren' Woodrup
Jakeem Yarwood
Sylvia Cornelius
Keisha Woodrup
Khadonye Woodrup
Khalil Woodrup
Warren Woodrup
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